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Altech Demonstration show

Siberian Field Day 2018

Siberian Field Day 2017

ALMAZ Demonstration show

  • PERESVET PPO-(8+1)-35 Reversible plow
  • FINIST PLNU-8-40 Share plow
  • STAVR PGP-7 Subsurface Plow
  • ALTAI KSU-11 Cultivator
  • STAR BDT-4 Disk harrow
  • VITA SZT-3,6А Seeder
  • STAR BDT 4 Disk harrow
  • DANA BDP 8×2 Disk harrow
  • PERESVET PON-3 Reversible plow
  • DANA Disc harrows
  • SVAROG Chisel plows
  • FINIST Share plows
  • PERESVET Reversible plows

DANA Disc harrows

  • Disc harrow DANA BDP-4х4P
  • Disk harrow DANA BDP 6×2
  • Disk harrow DANA BDP 3х4M
  • Disk harrow DANA BDP 4х4M
  • Disk harrow DANA BDP 6х4M
  • Disk harrow DANA BDP 8х4MT

SVAROG Chisel plows

  • Chisel plow SVAROG PCh 2,5
  • Chisel plow SVAROG PCh 4,5
  • Chisel plow SVAROG PChP-4,5
  • Chisel plow SVAROG PCh-6

FINIST Share Plows

  • Mounted plow FINIST PNG-6-50К
  • Share plow FINIST PLN-4-35
  • Share plow FINIST PNG-8-50К
  • FINIST PNG pows

Оборотные плуги PERESVET

  • Reversible plow PERESVET PPO 5/6-35
  • Reversible plow PERESVET PPO 5/7-35

VITA Grain-Fertilizer Seeders

  • Seeder VITA SZP-3,6A-01
  • Seeder VITA SZP-3,6А


  • Отзыв главного инженера СПК Страна советов Кульшина Г.Н.
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