Rubtsovsk Project and Design Technological Institute (RPDTI)

Rubtsovsk Project and Design Technological Institute

Rubtsovsk Project and Design Technological Institute (RPDTI) is the company engaged in designing and starting up the mass production of the Almaz machinery and spare parts. In addition to mass-produced models, the institute manufactures non-standard customized equipment according to the customer's specifications.

In 1948, Central Research and Development Bureau on Electrolytic Heating (CRDB) was established following a government decree. The Bureau’s tasks included developing and putting into production new electrolytic heating processes and equipment. After a number of re-organizations, the Bureau significantly expanded the area of their scientific interest: they conducted research in the fields of electrophysical and electrochemical methods for metal treatment, forging and casting, active monitoring methods. In 1976, the enterprise acquired its current name, Rubtsovsk Project and Design Technological Institute. The main purpose of the Institute was to support the enterprises of All-Union production enterprise "Soyuzpromtractor" located in the Ural region, in the Western Siberia and in the Middle Asia.

More than 60 years of experience of the institute in the field of mechanical engineering, the expertise accumulated by generations of design engineers, designers, modern design tools and software allow to create the high-quality and high-reliability equipment. The enterprise utilizes the computer-aided end-to-end design system based on the software of one of the highest levels: "Creo" and "Windchill".

The employees of RPDTI are the reason behind the fact that the customers recognize and appreciate the quality of the ALMAZ machinery. The design engineers of RPDTI have been praised for their work many times by Russian awards in design and mechanical engineering.

Continuous learning and training the employees in the modern mechanical engineering technologies, attracting the young specialists, implementing the new approaches to designing the latest-generation software allows RPDTI to solve the most important tasks related to producing reliable and high-quality machinery.

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