Cooperation with Almaz TH is a two-way dialogue with our Partners, aimed at building and developing effective operation, successful business and stable position of the company in the market of agricultural engineering.

Partnership with the Almaz Group of Companies offers a number of advantages:

  • Reliable supplier of tillage machinery and spare parts;
  • Expansion of the sold products range: machinery, spare parts;
  • Additional profits;
  • Increased sales due to high demand for the products;
  • Increased market share;

Assistance in active promotion of the partner company in the regional market: increasing awareness of your company’s brand, improving the positive image, publicity;

Training programs for specialists of partner companies.

Long-term cooperation allows reliable partners of the Almaz Group of Companies to get favorable offers of discounts and bonuses. This ensures high profitability of our contract for the companies and makes it possible to sell the ALMAZ brand products at attractive prices.

Our principle is that only mutually beneficial and trusting relationship with partners can become the basis of financial wellbeing and the key to further growth.

Partnership program

The partnership program of the Almaz Group of Companies was specifically developed to build effective and mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation between the manufacturer and partner companies, aimed at increasing the market share and sales volumes of ALMAZ products, as well as creating favorable conditions for operation of a Partner of the Almaz Group of Companies.

An organization with any form of ownership, which main activity is sale and servicing of agricultural machinery or sale of spare parts and components for it, can become a partner of the Almaz Group of Companies. Almaz prefers active, financially stable companies with a positive image.

The partnership program offers the Partners favorable financial conditions and various payment schemes, transparent discount system, paying for services of the ALMAZ equipment maintenance, bonuses based on work results, a Partner’s sales staff incentive program, active marketing support and new opportunities for business development due to high demand for the goods.

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