Spare parts for tillage machinery

запасные части для почвообрабатывающей техники

Today we are the leaders in tillage and sowing machinery tools manufacturing and sales (according to Rosspetsmash Association).

Our product range includes over 330 types of spare parts for 9 types of machinery, and the range is growing every year. We are actively developing production of spare parts for the machinery made by the leading world manufacturers.

To protect customers against the counterfeit products, the plant has introduced the mandatory stage of spare part marking into the process flow. The company logo is placed on the majority of spare parts produced by RZZ CJSC.

Spare part advantages:

  • They fully comply with the design documentation requirements, state and industry standards;
  • They are produced using modern metalworking machinery;
  • They are made from metal of high quality confirmed by certificates, which is supplied directly from steel plants;
  • They undergo a rigorous multistage quality control;
  • They are tested regularly to determine the non-failure service life;

For general-purpose bottom plows

Rubtsovsk Spare Part Plant is the leader in production of spare parts for bottom plows. The company produces plow shares, racks, wheels, landsides and other parts for plows. These products are traditional for the plant that has been specializing in their manufacturing for more than 10 years.

For reversible plows

In the past years RZZ CJSC has launched production of components for domestic and foreign reversible plows. Quality of spare parts, particularly of elements of working bodies, has been confirmedrepeatedly by factory tests as well as by field tests conducted in real conditions of agricultural farms. The reversible plows produced by RZZ CJSC are also equipped with own-produced spare parts.

For chisel plows

The working bodies of chisel plows are exposed to enormous loads, and that is why the specialists of Rubtsovsk Spare Part Plant pay special attention to the structural elements and materials of which spare parts for subsurface plows are made.

For harrows and stubble breakers

RZZ CJSC is one of the largest suppliers of spare parts for disk harrows and stubble breakers in the CIS market. The range of produced discs allows to outfit all common types of stubble breakers and disk headers.

For subsurface plows and wide-cut sweep plows

Many farms of Russia actively use the wide-cut sweep plows and subsurface plows. The plant has been producing expendables for them (plow shares, hubs, wheels) since its establishment, and this long-term experience has a positive effect on the product quality.

For seeders and sowing machines

Modern sowing machine is a multifunctional unit equipped with different types of working bodies that allow performing several operations at the same time. RZZ CJSC supplies spare parts for most of the popular models of seeders and sowing machines.

For cultivators and combined machines

The company produces several dozens of blades for cultivators and combined machines of current models. Due to their durability and high reliability, the spare parts for cultivators produced in Rubtsovsk are widely known and are in constant demand.

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