ALMAZ tillage machinery

ALMAZ tillage machinery

ALMAZ brand machinery will make your business more efficient and profitable.

ALMAZ tillage machinery is developed to meet the soil and climatic conditions of various regions in Russia, European and Asian countries. It has been successfully tested and is in demand in farms working with various tillage technologies – from mini-till to traditional plowing.

ALMAZ machinery advantages:

  • Versatile, easy to use and maintain;
  • Reliable design;
  • Durable due to the wear resistance of all parts;
  • Multipurpose – there is a wide choice of machinery for most types of soils, tractors, agricultural technologies;
  • Fabricated from components of own production and those of leading European manufacturers;
  • Cheaper than equivalent global brands with comparable performance;
  • Service support provided throughout its service life.

Machinery Types:

DANA Disk Harrows

Disk harrow is a great aid in breaking fallow lands and meadows, in processing black fallow tillage in summer, and in preplanting cultivation.

PERESVET Reversible Plows

High-quality plowing with up to 30% fuel and time savings. No center ridges and back furrows are formed during tillage.

SVAROG Chisel Plows

Deep-tillage chisel plows are indispensable in moisture-saving land cultivation technologies. It destroys a plow sole, promotes intensive moisture accumulation in the soil.

FINIST Mounted Plows

Mounted plows are designed for moldboard tillage of all types of soil, free of stones, flagstone, and other obstacles, to a depth of 30 cm, for grain and industrial crops.

STAVR Subsurface Plows

STAVR subsurface plows are designed for primary fallow tillage, tillage with maximum preservation of stubble and other crop residues on the field surface after cereal and hoed forecrops, in order to prevent soil aeolation.

VITA Grain-Fertilizer Seeders

VITA SZP-3,6A grain-fertilizer seeders are modern agricultural equipment with high operational capabilities.

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