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ANITIM tillage machinery is produced in the city of Barnaul. All the machinery is designed for Russian soils and climate. It has been successfully tested in different regions of the country, all designs have been patented.

During ANITIM machinery production, special attention is paid to the quality of tillage tools. That is why the oxicarbonitration technique is used, which provides the unique combination of performance of steel and cast iron parts.

The application of oxicarbonitration technique provides:

  • 2–6 time increase of tool surface hardness;
  • 2–10 time increase of wear resistance;
  • the increase of fatigue strength by 25–100%, 50–200 time increase of corrosion resistance;
  • 2 time decrease of friction coefficient;
  • the prevention of grips and scuffing in friction pairs.

Zarya hydraulic harrow hitch is intended for the conservation of soil moisture during the spring harrowing, fallow soil treatment, surface soil layer (up to 8 cm) cultivation and soil leveling.

Mechta hydraulic tooth harrow is intended for the conservation of soil moisture during the pre-sowing harrowing, harrowing of winter crops, pre-emergence, post-emergence harrowing and re-harrowing for industrial and grain crops. The Mechta hydraulic tooth harrow has been highly praised by the consumers for having an optimum price-quality ratio, being mobile and easily transportable, and featuring different modes of operation.

Pobeda hydraulic tooth harrow allows to perform harrowing of stubble and tillage, pre-sowing soil preparation, working-in of mineral fertilizers and plant residues, provoking of weed shoots in the autumn.

Zvezda heavy disk harrow is intended for loosening raw compacted soils of different mechanical composition, cutting of a layer of perennial grasses, developing matured blocks after plowing. Zvezda is well adapted to our soil and climate; it is effective and easy to operate.

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