ALTAI universal sectional cultivator with 11 m grab width

ALTAI universal sectional cultivator with 11 m grab width

ALTAI KSU-11 is designed for early pre-sowing soil preparation, leveling the field surface, destroying weed vegetation, fallow soil treatment, uniform distribution and working-in of fertilizers and small crop residues, as well as autumn tillage to 12 cm depth.


  • With an 11 m grab width, the cultivator frame is made of 5 sections interconnected by swivel joints for better soil contour following.
  • A reinforced C-type pillar with a duckfoot guarantees optimal and high-quality fine loosening.
  • Due to location of the working bodies in 4 rows and 215 mm width of each duckfoot, the cultivator provides a continuous overlap during cultivation, even with the duckfeet wear. This also prevents the cultivator from clogging with plant and crop residues.
  • Spring teeth evenly distribute plant residues on the field surface.
  • The packer roller prepares an even seedbed and works in fertilizer with high quality. Also, it levels field surface, crushes large soil clumps, combs out and scatters weeds, which exclude their repeated shoots.
  • Modular frames are not used in the design, pillars being attached directly to the cultivator frame. This allows to reduce its mass thus reducing the cost of fuel and lubricants.
  • A convenient folding system allows to quickly change the harrow from working mode to transport mode and vice versa.
  • Duckfeet are produced by ANITIM, therefore, the company may guarantee their quality and wearresistance.


Mounting method Trailing
Performance per hour of processing time (hectare / h) up to 11
Operating speed (km/h) 8-12
Tillage depth (cm) up to 12
Working width, m 11
Tool quantity (pcs.) 64
Harrow weight (kg) 4170
Travelling speed, (km/h) up to 20
Service life years 8


The warranty for ALTAI universal sectional cultivator is 1 year from the date of putting into operation.


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