SVAROG Chisel Plows


Chisel subsurface plows SVAROG are designed for deep autumn nonmoldboard tillage with arable horizon deepening.

SVAROG Chisel Plows


  • loosen the soil;
  • level off the field surface;
  • brake large lumps with rollers;
  • increase the yield;
  • activate biological processes in the soil, increase fertility;
  • improve the penetration of water and nutrients into the soil during the autumn-spring period; moisture in the soil accumulates actively;
  • prevent wind-induced and water-induced erosion of the soils.


  • Cultivation depth up to 450 mm

    Cultivation depth up to 450 mm.

  • Equipped with cogged ripper-pressing wheels

    Equipped with cogged ripper-pressing wheels. Complete soil cultivation and crumble lumps up to 5 cm.

  • Tool package-type design

    Tool package-type design. Replacement of worn tool parts instead of whole tools.

  • Press wheels are cleaned during work

    Press wheels are cleaned during work by means of scrapers.

  • The packing wheel is mounted on two bearings

    The packing wheel is mounted on two bearings. Each bearing has load capacity of 1,800 kg.

  • Firm and durable design

    Firm and durable design. Increased frame pipe cross-section — 150×100×8.


Racks of tools, equipped with chisels and a pair of undercutting wings. The wings cut into the soil to a pre-set depth. Thus, deep loosening of the soil with a shift of the layer and with drainage is achieved. A set of undercutting wings additionally cuts a layer of soil and raises it, carrying out a more complete loosening. Tilth adjustment and setting is done by means of the support wheels mechanics.

Loosening-packer roller completes the tillage process, grinding the lumps and rolling down the soil.


Today, RZZ produces 4 models of SVAROG chisel plows under the ALMAZ brand:

  • SVAROG PCh-2,5, with a cut width of 2.5 m.
  • SVAROG PCh-4,5, with a cut width of 4.5 m.
  • SVAROG PChP-4,5, trailing plow designed for coupling with foreign-made tractors.
  • SVAROG PCh-6, is notable for its improved performance due to increased cutting width and ease of transportation, since the side sections of the plow are folded by means of a hydraulic system.

The models of SVAROG chisel plows differ from each other in width, this is shown by the numerical value — "2,5", "4,5", "6" in the name of the models.


The warranty for chisel subsurface plows produced after January 01, 2018 is 2 years since placed in service.

Test Results

Soil cultivation quality indicatorsPCh-2,5PCh-4,5PCh-6
Stubble preservation, (%)70%70%70%


Chisel Plows SVAROG in operation


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