DANA disc harrows

DANA disc harrows


DANA disc harrows are designed for tillage with the grinding of crop residues and cutting virgin, fallow land and perennial grasses.

DANA harrows:

  • prevent drying of the soil;
  • destroy weeds;
  • increase the microbiological activity of the soil;
  • perform nonmoldboard cultivation at a depth shorter than plows;
  • reduce the number of tillage operations, save time and money, in contrast to the traditional technology;
  • allow tillaging at high humidity.


Cultivation depth up to 150 mm.

Durable design. Increased frame pipe cross-section (150×100×6).

Never clogged when working on wet and littered soils. Inter-row space increased to 850 mm.

Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and the depth of tillage due to brace rods.

Wrapping of plant residues on the tools is excluded. Discs installed on individual supports.

Additional adjustment of cultivation depth. The packing wheel in a floating position follows the soil relief; in a fixed position, it allows tillage to the depth not less than 5-6 cm.

Increased strength of the bearing assembly due to the increased nut size (М27).

Efficient grinding of plant residue. Self-sharpening of discs due to the double blade sharpening angle.

Durable and ruggedized polymer coating.

Hydraulic system elements of foreign manufacture..

Equipped with press wheels depending on soil type: helical (for light, dry soil), combined (for medium, heavy or waterlogged soil), cogged (for light and medium soil).


DANA disk harrows at work


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