Disk harrow DANA 6×4-MTM

Disk harrow DANA BDP 6х4-MTM

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One of the most popular DANA models, disc harrow DANA BDP 6×4, has achieved a next development level, so now you can purchase a modified version of the traditional harrow: DANA BDP 6×4-MTM. The new model features the following advantages: possibility of transporting by public roads. The sides of the harrow are automatically folded by means of a hydraulic unit. In the transport position, the tool width is 4 m. With the optimum cutting width and excellent tillage quality, the disc harrow DANA 6×4-MTMcan now be equipped with reamed discs, effectively eliminating clogging of the bearing unit. Now tractor traction is minimized, and, as tests show, this factor reduces fuel consumption.

Technical Parameters

Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) up to 7,2
Operating speed, km/h 10-15
Cut width, m 5,9
Weight, kg 5565
Tilling depth, cm up to 15
Width в транспортном положении, мм 3373
Overall dimensions (in operative position), mm
Length 7345
Width 5882
Height 1735
Disc diameter, mm 560
Диаметр катков, мм 430
Number of tools, pcs 56
Disk approach angle, deg. 0°-24°
Spacing, mm
between discs in a row 400
between disc rows 900
Service life, years 8

Soil cultivation quality indicators

Soil surface ridgeness, not more than (cm) 3
Soil crumbling, not more than (lump size not more than 25 mm) (%) 90
Shredding crop residues (%) 60
Burial of vegetable and crop residues (%) 98


300-350 hp.

MTZ 3022ДВ, К-744Р-05, К- 744Р-1, К-744Р-2, К-744Р-3, К-701, К-9400


Ama discs

The harrow is equipped with a packing wheel and tools with Ama discs (Italy) with increased wear resistance.


Soil characteristics: Specific resistance up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kg/cm2), hardness up to 3.0 MPa (30kg/cm2), maximum humidity up to 25%, slope up to 10 grades.

Advantages of 4-Row DANA Disc Harrows МТ Series

  • Увеличенное сечение труб рамы

    Increased cross-section of the frame pipes (150×100×8) made of high strength steel 09G2S.

  • Межрядное пространство увеличено до 900 мм

    Inter-row space increased to 900 mm. Clogging when working on wet and clogged soils is excluded.

  • Простая регулировка стяжками угла атаки

    Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and the depth of tillage due to brace rods.

  • диски расположены на индивидуальных стойках

    Discs installed on individual supports. Wrapping of plant residues on the tools is excluded.

  • Регулирование глубины обработки

    Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and the depth of tillage due to brace rods.

  • Повышенная прочность подшипникового узла

    Increased strength of the bearing unit due to the increased size of the nut.

  • Самозатачивание дисков

    Self-sharpening of discs due to the double blade sharpening angle. Efficient grinding of plant residue.

  • Прочное и устойчивое к внешним воздействиям полимерное покрытие

    Durable and ruggedized polymer coating.

  • Элементы гидросистемы импортного производства

    Imported hydraulic system components. Uninterrupted operation and compatibility with imported tractors is ensured.

  • Комплектуется катками: спиралевидным, комбинированным, зубчатым

    Supplied with the following rollers depending on the soil type: spiral, combined, crumbler.

  • Удобная транспортировка

    Convenient for transportation. Folded tool width is 4 m.

Disk harrow DANA 6x4-МТМ: 3d модель



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