Two-row disc harrows


DANA disc harrows are designed for resource-saving preplanting cultivation and main tillage to a depth of 8 to 15 cm for cereals, industrial and forage crops, weeding, shredding crop residues, rejuvenating meadows and pastures. DANA disc harrows are most effective in tilling soils free of stones, flagstone and other obstacles.

Today, RZZ produces 4 models of two-row disc harrows DANA: DANA BDN-2,4×2, DANA BDP 3,2×2, DANA BDP 4×2 и DANA BDP 6×2 differing in cut width.

In the designations of the harrows, variables "2,4", "3,2", "4" and "6" denote the width of the cut, and the constant number "2" denotes the number of rows of the harrow.

Two-row disc harrows


  • Durable design

    Durable design. Increased cross-section of the frame pipes made of high strength steel 09G2S.

  • Efficient grinding of plant residue

    Efficient grinding of plant residue. Self-sharpening of discs due to the double blade sharpening angle.

  • Durable and ruggedized polymer coating

    Durable and ruggedized polymer coating.

  • Increased strength of the bearing unit

    Increased strength of the bearing unit. Due to the increased nut size (М27).

  • Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and tillage depth

    Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and tillage depth. Due to brace rods.

  • Wrapping of plant residues on the tools is excluded

    Wrapping of plant residues on the tools is excluded. Discs are installed on individual supports.


DANA disc harrows allow to:

  • prevent soil drying;
  • destroy weeds;
  • increase the microbiological activity of the soil;
  • perform nonmoldboard cultivation at a depth shorter than plows;
  • reduce the number of tillage activities, save time and money, in contrast to the traditional technology;
  • perform tillage at high humidity.


Cut-out discs in the form of concave plates with diameter of 570 mm are the primary tools of the DANA disc harrows. They are attached to the frame at an angle to the direction of movement of the unit. The discs turn during the operation and cut the layers of the soil, loosen and mix the soil. The tilth changes with the change of approach angle of the discs with respect to the direction of the harrow movement. The larger the approach angle, the deeper the tilth.

The compactor roller is designed for additional crumbling, leveling and securing the loosened soil. The tilth is controlled by screeds.


The warranty for DANA disc harrows produced from January 01, 2018, is 2 years from the date of commissioning.

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