Mounted disk harrow DANA BDN-2,4×2

Mounted disk harrow DANA BDN-2,4х2

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Mounted two-row disk harrow DANA BDN-2.4×2 is designed for resource-saving preplanting cultivation and main tillage to a depth of 8 to 15 cm for cereals, industrial and forage crops, weed destruction, shredding crop residues, rejuvenating meadows and pastures.

Technical Parameters

Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) up to 2,88
Operating speed, km/h от 8 до 12
Cut width, m 2,4±0,12
Weight, kg 1034±30
Tilling depth, cm up to 12
Overall dimensions (in operative position), mm
Length 2159±65
Width 2579±80
Height 1325±40
Disc diameter, mm 560
Press wheel diameter, mm 435
Number of tools, pcs 18
Disk approach angle, deg. 0°—30°
Spacing, mm
between discs in a row 250
between disc rows 950
Service life, years 8

Soil cultivation quality indicators

Soil surface ridgeness, not more than (cm) 3
Soil crumbling, not more than (lump size not more than 25 mm) (%) 90
Shredding crop residues (%) 60
Burial of vegetable and crop residues (%) 90


With agricultural tractors, equipped with counterweights (tractor engine power 80 hp):

MTZ-80, MTZ-82.


Ama discs

The harrow is equipped with a packing wheel and tools with Ama discs (Italy) with increased wear resistance.

Advantages of 2-Row DANA Disc Harrows

  • Увеличенное сечение труб рамы

    Cross-section of the frame pipes (100×100×6) made of a high strength steel 09G2S.

  • Простая регулировка

    Simple adjustment of the disc drift angle and the depth of tillage due to brace rods.

  • Диски расположены на индивидуальных стойках

    Discs installed on individual supports. Wrapping of plant residues on the tools is excluded.

  • Повышенная прочность подшипникового узла

    Increased strength of the bearing unit due to the increased size of the nut.

  • Самозатачивание дисков

    Self-sharpening of discs due to the double blade sharpening angle. Efficient grinding of plant residue.

  • Прочное полимерное покрытие

    Durable and ruggedized polymer coating.

  • Элементы гидросистемы импортного производства

    Imported hydraulic system components. Uninterrupted operation and compatibility with imported tractors is ensured.

Disk harrow навесная DANA БДН-2,4x2: 3d модель

КФХ Федосеев, Алтайский край, Александр Федорович Федосеев, о DANA 2,4×2:

Двухрядная борона у нас работает нормально, вопросов не было. Дискуем поля, 500 гектар в прошлом году, сейчас она в поле работает. Поломок не было, ломаться там нечему, если только сам чего-нибудь не замудришь.

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