FINIST PNG Plows are the best solution for high-performance tractors

We present the new series of FINIST plows — the plows FINIST PNG!

Foreign-made tools Foreign-made tools and increased cut width make FINIST PNG plows high-performance machines with high durability.

They fully realize capabilities of K-700 and K-744 tractors of all modifications, MTZ 3022, Case IH Steiger 350 HD, John Deere 9420 and others.

The plow performs classic moldboard plowing. Unlike experimental constructions, such as high-speed plows, the FINIST APG plow body ensures a complete 180° soil overturning and the same level of loosening across the entire width of the body.

provide excellent plowing

Unlike competitors, the FINIST PNG plow does not need ideal conditions to show everything it is capable of: bodies with universal molds provide excellent plowing quality in the most diverse types of soils, including hard soils and soils with significant grass cover. The situation when the plow "does not enter" the soil is excluded.

This provides significant time and fuel saving: It can save up to 20% of fuel and up to 30% of time as compared with a usual plow.


  • Driving a tractor close to a furrow

    Driving a tractor close to a furrow Eliminates uneven transmission wear, convenient for the operator.

  • Long service life of plowshares

    Long service life of plowshares. In-use life of a plowshare before replacement is up to 300 hectares.

  • Equipped with fins

    Equipped with fins performing the colter function and moving top soil layers to the furrow bottom.

  • Simple to mount

    Simple to mount on tractors with European coupling system – additionally supplied with a reducer and coupling racks.

  • A shear pin

    A shear pin protects the tools from damage.

  • Construction strength

    Construction strength - he frame is made from steel 09G2C, 150×150×12.


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