FINIST Share Plows




Share plows FINIST are designed for moldboard tillage of soil, free of stones, flagstone, and other obstacles, to a depth of 30 cm, for grain and industrial crops.

FINIST Share Plows


  • prune, loosen, crumble and turn over a layer of soil;
  • contribute to improvement of air, water and nutrient penetration to plant roots;
  • plow down the weed plants.


  • Tillage depth up to 300 mm

    Tillage depth up to 300 mm.

  • Reliable time-tested design

    Reliable time-tested design.

  • Polymer coating resistant to external impacts

    Polymer coating resistant to external impacts.

  • Wear resistance of tools

    Wear resistance of tools. All parts are made of high strength steel.

  • Components of own production

    Components of own production, ensuring durability and quality.

  • Optimum configuration

    Optimum configuration. The plow is equipped with a colter.

  • Possible equipment with a cast rack and shoe

    Possible equipment with a cast rack and shoe.

  • Durable assembly. Replacement of worn parts only is possible

    Durable assembly. Replacement of worn parts only is possible.

  • Simple assembly, operation, maintenance

    Simple assembly, operation, maintenance.

  • Attractive price

    Attractive price.


The frame consists of the main and longitudinal beams with box section. The housing supports are mounted on the beam. The working tools of the plow include furrows, with a width of 35 cm, and coulters (except FINIST PNG-8-50K).

The plowing is done as follows: when the unit enters the strip, the coulter cuts a layer of soil and turns it over, dropping it to the bottom of the previous furrow. The result is deep and full burial of weeds, vegetable and crop residues and crumbling of the bank.


Today, RZZ produces 6 models of FINIST share plows under the ALMAZ brand:

  • FINIST PLN 3-35, basic-mounted three-furrow plow.
  • FINIST PLN 4-35, basic-mounted four-furrow plow.
  • FINIST PLN 5-35, basic-mounted five-furrow plow.
  • FINIST PLN 8-35, basic-mounted eight-furrow plow.
  • FINIST PNG-8-50К, basic-mounted plow, complete with the original furrows, with cut width increased up to 50 cm.
  • FINIST PP 9-35, mounted nine-furrow plow.

FINIST mounted plow models differ in the number of furrows (8-35) urrow cut width (8-35), plow cut width, tools.

Plows can be equipped with coulters on request (except for FINIST PNG-8-50K, whose furrows are equipped with fins).


The warranty for mounted plows FINIST produced after January 01, 2018 is 2 years since placed in service.


Mounted plows FINIST in operation


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