Mounted variable width plow FINIST PLNR-(4+1)×40new!

Mounted variable width plow FINIST PLNR-(4+1)x40

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Mounted variable width plow FINIST PLNR-(4+1)×40 can distribute the tractor’s power optimally depending on specific conditions: soil properties, technical condition of a tractor, shape and size of the field.

Cutting width is adjustable for each furrow, while removable tool allows using plow FINIST PLNR-(4+1)×40 both in 4-furrow and 5-furrow designs.

Size of the plow furrows increased from 35 to 40 cm, increasing the productivity, without affecting the strength and reliability of the tools.

Technical Parameters

Coupling method навесной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) up to 2,25
Operating speed, km/h up to 10
Cut width, m 1,75-2,25
Weight, kg 1035±30
Tilling depth, cm 20…30
Расстояние от опорной плоскости корпусов до нижней плоскости рамы, мм 750±10
Width захвата корпуса, мм 350; 400; 450
Number of bodies, pcs. 5
Service life, years 8


155-220 hp:

MTZ-1523 with NU-3, MTZ-2022, khTZ-17221, John Deere 6170М, John Deere 7830, John Deere 7930, Case-180, Case-220 etc.

Advantages of the FINIST PLNR Share Plows

  • Исключено забивание пожнивными остатками

    Clogging with crop residues is excluded. High stilt, plow bodies moved to the right from under the frame.

  • Регулируемая ширина захвата каждого корпуса

    Adjustable width of each body. Step-wise adjustable width (35, 40, 45 cm).

  • Срезной болт защищает рабочие органы от повреждений

    A shear bolt protects the tools from any damage.

  • Оборудованы углоснимами

    Equipped with fins which perform the function of a coulter and put the soil layer to the bottom of the furrow.

  • Износостойкость рабочих органов

    Wear resistance of tools. All parts are made of high strength steel. Advanced tool heat treatment technology.

  • Съемный корпус

    Съемный корпус. Возможность использовать 4 или 5 корпусов.

3D-модель навесного плуга FINIST PLNR-(4+1)x40

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