Mounted plow FINIST PNG-4-50К new!

Mounted plow FINIST PNG-4-50K

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Mounted plow FINIST PNG-4-50K is designed for plowing soils free of stones, flagstone and other obstacles to a depth of 30 cm, for grain and industrial crops.

Technical Parameters

Coupling method навесной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) 2,7
Tilling depth, cm up to 35
Operating speed, km/h up to 11
Transport speed, km/h up to 15
Number of tools, pcs 4
Cut width, m 2
Width захвата рабочего органа (мм) 500
Overall dimensions in operative position, mm:
— length 3970
— width 2590
— height 1475
Tool protection срезной болт
Weight, kg 1112
Body type универсальный
Service life, years 8


200…300 hp.: BELARUS-1523 with NU-3, KhTZ-17221, KhTZ-17021, John Deere 6930SE, Case-180 etc.

Advantages of the FINIST PNG-4-50K Share Plow

  • Clogging with crop residues is excluded

    Clogging with crop residues is excluded: clearance between the body and the frame is increased from 620 to 650 mm, the bodies are moved from under the frame to the right, and a spinning stilt is installed instead of a straight one.

  • Original bodies with multipurpose 50 cmwide moldboards

    Original bodies with multipurpose 50 cmwide moldboards ensure good crumbling and overturning of soil.

  • Equipped with fins

    Equipped with fins which perform the function of a coulter and put the soil layer to the bottom of the furrow.

  • Durable design

    Durable design: a frame is made of steel 09G2S, 150×150×12.

  • Simple mounting on tractors

    Simple mounting on tractors with a European fixture — additionally supplied with a reducer and fixture stilts.

  • A shear bolt protects the tools from any damage

    A shear bolt protects the tools from any damage.

  • Increased performance

    Increased performance due to a greater working width of the plow and a possibility to use it with energy-packed tractors.

Mounted plow FINIST PNG-4-50К: 3d модель
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