Mounted plow FINIST PLN 4-35

Mounted plow FINIST PLN 4-35

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Technical Parameters

Coupling method навесной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) up to 1,26
Operating speed, km/h up to 9
Cut width, m 1,4
Weight, kg 668±3%
Tilling depth, cm up to 30
Overall dimensions (in operative position), mm
Length 3530
Width 1720
Height 1525
Distance from the base plane to the lower plane of the frame, not less, mm 620
Number of tools, pcs 4
Colter treatment depth, cm up to 12
Service life, years 8


130-150 hp.

MTZ 1221, Т-150


Soil Requirements: soils free of stones, flagstone and other obstacles, having a specific resistance up to 0.12 MPa (1.2 kg/cm2), hardness up to 4 MPa (40 kg/cm2) and humidity up to 22%.

Advantages of the FINIST Share Plows

  • Полимерное покрытие

    Polymer coating, resistant to environmental loads.

  • Износостойкость рабочих органов

    Wear resistance of tools. All parts are made of high strength steel.

  • Прочный сборный узел

    Durable assembly. Possibility to replace worn parts only.

  • Предплужник

    The coulter cuts a layer of soil and turns it over, dropping it to the bottom of the previous furrow. The result is a deep and full incorporation of weeds, vegetable and crop residues and crumbling of the bank.

  • Возможность комплектования литыми стойками и башмаком

    Can be supplied with cast stands and a shoe.

  • Универсальная навеска для тракторов

    Универсальная навеска для тракторов с традиционной и европейской навеской, в т.ч. МТЗ.

  • Комплектующие собственного производства

    Components are provided by the original manufacturer.

  • Надежная конструкция

    Reliable time-tested design. Simple assembly, operation and maintenance.

Mounted plow FINIST PLN 4-35: 3d модель


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