Half-mounted plow FINIST PP 9-35

Half-mounted plow FINIST PP 9-35

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Share half-mounted plow FINIST PP 9-35 is designed for plowing soils free of stones, flagstone, and other obstacles, to a depth of 30 cm, for grain and industrial crops.

Technical Parameters

Coupling method полунавесной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) up to 3,15
Operating speed, km/h up to 10
Cut width, m 3,15±0,3%
Weight, kg 2390±72
Tilling depth, cm up to 30
Overall dimensions (in operative position), mm
Length 9200±275
Width 4070±120
Height 1700±50
Distance from the base plane to the lower plane of the frame, not less, mm 700
Number of tools, pcs 9
Colter treatment depth, cm up to 12
Service life, years 8


300-350 hp:

MTZ 3022DV К-744Р, К-744Р1, К-744Р2, К-744РЗ, К-701, К-9360, BUHLER VERSATILE 2000 Series 2335


Mounting adapter should be purchased in order to attach the equipment to imported tractors.

Advantages of the FINIST Share Plows

  • Полимерное покрытие

    Polymer coating, resistant to environmental loads.

  • Износостойкость рабочих органов

    Wear resistance of tools. All parts are made of high strength steel.

  • Прочный сборный узел

    Durable assembly. Possibility to replace worn parts only.

  • Предплужник

    The coulter cuts a layer of soil and turns it over, dropping it to the bottom of the previous furrow. The result is a deep and full incorporation of weeds, vegetable and crop residues and crumbling of the bank.

  • Возможность комплектования литыми стойками и башмаком

    Can be supplied with cast stands and a shoe.

  • Components are provided by the original manufacturer.

  • Надежная конструкция

    Reliable time-tested design. Simple assembly, operation and maintenance.

Half-mounted plow FINIST PP 9-35: 3d модель


Павел Анатольевич Узиков, директор ООО "Рассвет", Ульяновская область, Цильнинский район:

Хорошо работает, приобрели в 2014 году, отработал уже два сезона. Обрабатывали по 1200 Га, нареканий не было.

Фарид Содиков, директор ООО "Александровка", Алтайский край:

Mounted plow — очень хороший, работал идеально. 1500 Га за сезон — без малейших нареканий, ни одной поломки. Я бы сказал — пятерку можно ставить.

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