PERESVET Reversible Plows


PERESVET reversible plows are designed for smooth plowing, with soil overturning, of any type of soil except for stony soils, up to the depth of 30 cm.

PERESVET Reversible Plows


  • carry out smooth plowing without dump ridges and open ribs due to the shuttle plowing by right- and left-turning furrows;
  • prune, loosen, crumble and turn over a layer of soil;
  • contribute to improvement of air, water and nutrient penetration to plant roots;
  • plow down the weed plants,
  • save up the fuel by eliminating idle moves by the tractor during plowing,
  • level the soil, increasing efficiency of harvesters and the mowers.


  • Improved support wheel mounting

    Improved support wheel mounting. Excludes dynamic shocks when turning the plow.

  • Cutting width of each body can be adjusted

    Cutting width of each body can be adjusted at 35 cm, 35 cm or 40 cm. Due to rotation of the body holder.

  • Equipped with fins

    Equipped with fins performing the colter function and moving top soil layers to the furrow bottom.

  • Tool package-type design

    Tool package-type design. Replacement of worn tool parts instead of whole tools.

  • Save up to 30% of fuel and time used for beating stints off

    Save up to 30% of fuel and time used for beating stints off. No idle runs.

  • No clogging with vegetable and crop residues

    No clogging with vegetable and crop residues. Distance between frame and body is increased from 680 mm to 750 mm.

  • Tools are protected by a shear bolt

    Tools are protected by a shear bolt

  • Cheaper than the imported equivalents

    Cheaper than the imported equivalents.

  • Wear resistant tools

    Wear resistant tools. All parts are made of high strength steel.

  • Firm and durable design

    Firm and durable design. Frame pipe wall thickness increased up to 10 mm.

  • High-quality welds and robust polymer coating

    High-quality welds and robust polymer coating.

  • Five and six-body plows can be easily converted into seven-body using additional modules

    Five and six-body plows can be easily converted into seven-body using additional modules.


The frame consists of the main and longitudinal beams with box section. The housing supports are mounted on the main beam. The plow design allows to convert the plow into six and five-furrow by removing the beam with the last furrows and the pull-bar. The main beam and the longitudinal beam in the front part of the plow are connected to the turnover mechanism while in the rear part of the plow they are connected to the land wheel mechanism adjusted for the tractor wheeltrack.

Tools of the plow – right-handed and left-handed furrows, with cutting width of 35 cm.

The depth wheel is used for setting and adjusting the depth of tillage. The turnover mechanism is used to rotate the main beam with furrows by 180°. It consists of two hydraulic cylinders and two beams connecting the main and the transversal beams of the plow in a swivel joint. The hydraulic cylinders are connected to the tractor hydraulic system.

The mechanism for changing the cutting width ensures that the bodies turn to a predetermined position in the range of 30 to 40 cm. The support blade ensures the stability of the plow in the uncoupled state and during storage.

The plowing is performed as follows: when the unit comes into the strip, the plow furrow cuts a layer of soil and turns it over. During the movement of the soil layer along the mouldboard of plow furrow fin separates topsoil and throws it to the bottom of the previous rib. The result is deep and full burial of weeds, vegetable and crop residues and crumbling of the bank.

When the unit leaves the strip, the tractor's hydraulic system shifts the plow to the transport position, the main beam with the hulls turns around the longitudinal beam by 180° by means of a turning mechanism. At this time, the unit makes a loopback turn and goes into the plowing of the following strip next to the previous left (right) furrows.


Today, RZZ CJSC manufactures 6 types of one-way plows under the ALMAZ brand: PERESVET PPO-5/5-35, PERESVET PPO-6/5-35, PERESVET PPO-7/5-35, PERESVET PPO-8-35, PERESVET PON 4 и PERESVET PON 4+1.

The ALMAZ PERESVET one-way plow models differ from each other by the number of furrows. This is described by variables "5", "6", "7". Constant value "35" stands for the furrow cutting width.


The warranty for turnwrest plows PERESVET produced after January 01, 2018 is 2 years since placed in service.

Test Results

Soil cultivation process indicatorsPERESVET PPO-5/5-35PERESVET PPO-6/5-35PERESVET PPO-7/5-35
Soil surface ridgeness, not more than (cm)3-53-53-5
Soil crumbling (fractions below 5 cm) (%)71-7571-7571-75
Level of burying plant residue909090


ALMAZ reversible plows in operation


Download video (ZIP, mp4, 14,9 Mb)

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