Reversible plowPERESVET PPO 5-35

Reversible plow PERESVET PPO 5-35

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Reversible plow PERESVET PPO 5-35 can be seen in the fields of the Central Federal District, in the South of Russia, in Siberia. Plow PERESVET PPO-5-35 ensures so-called smooth plowing, without the formation of dump ridges and furrows. Five-furrow plows are very popular among the owners of farms of various sizes, with various possibilities in the field of machine-tractor support. Demand for them is stable, and quite high.

As this type of plows are a resource-saving technology (fuel economy, time saving), agricultural producers often prefer the one-way plows as the most modern tool for tillage.

Technical Parameters

Coupling method полунавесной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h) 1,35-2,03
Operating speed, km/h up to 9
Cut width, m 1,5-2
Weight, kg 2500
Tilling depth, cm up to 30
Overall dimensions (in operative position), mm
Length 5910±177
Width 3100±93
Height 1700±51
Underframe clearance (left-hand and right-hand bodies), mm 750
Number of tools, pcs 10
Service life, years 8

Soil cultivation quality indicators

Soil surface ridgeness, not more than (cm) 3…5
Качество крошения пласта (фракции размером до 5 см), % 71…75
Заделка растительных и пожнивных остатков, % 90


155-200 hp:

MTZ 1523, 1523.3, KhTZ-150К-09, KhTZ-17221-09, VT-150Д, John Deere 7730, 7830, New Holland TМ 140.


Soil characteristics: Specific resistance up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kg/cm2), hardness up to 3.0 MPa (30kg/cm2), пmaximum humidity up to 22%, slope up to 8 grades.

Advantages of PERESVET Reversible Plows

  • Изменяемая ширина захвата каждого корпуса

    Adjustable width of each body. Can be increased from 300 to 400 mm by turning the housing supports.

  • Сборная конструкция рабочих органов

    Modular tools. Replacement of a worn part of the tool instead of the whole tool..

  • Оборудованы углоснимами

    Equipped with fins which perform the function of a coulter and put the soil layer to the bottom of the furrow. The result is a deep and full incorporation of weeds, vegetable and crop residues and layer crumbling.

  • Конструкция оборотного плуга экономит до 30% топлива

    The reversible plow design saves up to 30% of fuel and time spent on breaking up the stints. No idle runs.

  • Нет забивания растительными и пожнивными остатками

    No clogging with vegetable and crop residues. The clearance between the body and the frame is increased from 680 mm to 750 mm.

  • Усовершенствованное крепление опорного колеса

    Improved support wheel mounting. Excludes dynamic shocks when turning the plow.

  • Прочность и надежность конструкции

    Durable and reliable design. Frame tube cross-section is increased up to 10 mm. Advanced tool heat treatment technology.

  • Срезной болт

    A shear bolt protects the tools from any damage.

  • Прочное и устойчивое полимерное покрытие

    Durable and ruggedized polymer coating, high-quality welds.

  • плуги легко переоборудуются в семикорпусные

    Five and six-body plows can be easily converted into seven-body ones using additional modules.

Reversible plowPERESVET PPO 5-35: 3d модель

КХ "Шаблыкино", Орловская область:

Техника очень хорошо работает, обрабатывает 12-15 гектар в день только одной единицей, а мы у вас взяли три ППО-5-35. И в дальнейшем планируем приобретать Вашу технику.

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