Universal trail coupling SPU-11new

Universal trail coupling SPU-11

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Marker device UM-11

The coupling is intended for connecting tractor hydraulic and non-hydraulic wide-cut units for preplanting soil cultivation, fallow land treatment, grain and leguminous crops seeding and other agricultural works.

The coupling can be connected with three types of SZP-3.6 sowing machines (with marker unit UM-11), two rippers KPS-4, three rippers KSh-3.6 and other trailed agricultural machines with width and traction resistance similar or close to the specified ones.

Technical Parameters

Coupling method прицепной
Performance per hour of operation, hectare/h)
— during sowing up to 10
— during cultivation up to 8
— during harrowing up to 12
Operating speed, km/h up to 15
Operating cut width, m, не менее
— during sowing 10,8
— during cultivation 8
— during harrowing 12
Transport speed, km/h, не более up to 15
Constructive coupling weight, kg 786
Including weight of harrow dragbars 56
Overall coupling dimensions (in operative position), mm:
— width 11744±352
— length 4187±125
— height 1123±35
Service life, years 8


Drawbar category of a coupled tractor – 3-4 depending on unit composition.

Marker device UM-11

Marker device UM-11

The marker device UM-11 is designed to form a well-visible trace (furrow) parallel to the movement of the unit, which ensures the constancy of the size of the guess row spacing and the straightness of the subsequent movement of the unit.

The device SPU-11 can be used as component of a unit made of SPU-11 coupling and three sowing machines: SZP-3.6А; SZP-3.6А-01. It is purchased separately.

It is designed for use in any agro-climatic zone on all types of soil, except rocky soils.

Min marker spread, mm 4200±20
Max marker spread, mm 5400±20
The distance from the tractor wheel to the marker disc trace in the furrow (depending on the seeding unit cut width), mm 4200 … 5400
Height, мм 2884±20
Weight, kg 178±5
  • The coupling can be used in all agroclimatic zones

    The coupling can be used in all agroclimatic zones, on all types of soil, except for rocky ones.

  • The coupler can be supplied with leads for attaching the spike harrows

    The coupler can be supplied with leads for attaching the spike harrows (as an individual order) and with a UM-11 marker unit for matching with SZP-3,6A seeders.

  • The coupler

    The coupler makes it possible to easily transfer the unit from working position to transit condition.

  • The coupler is made of three pivotally connected parts

    The coupler is made of three pivotally connected parts, which provides the best adaptability to the topography of the soil across the width of the grip.

Сцепка прицепная универсальная СПУ–11: 3d модель
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